Producing Food Photos

Quite honestly, when I began playing around with setting up this recipe blog, the idea of taking food photos really intimidated me.  (And I have a bachelor’s degree in studio art!)  This was an area I hadn’t delved into, and when I began looking at other recipe blogs, it was understandable why I began feeling as if I had gotten in over my head.  The photos on these blogs are GORGEOUS!  Incredibly artistic, beautifully staged.  Nothing I felt I would be able to do.  Sheeesh– I didn’t even know how to use the macro setting on my digital camera!

gluten free recipes easy - pancakes

But, as in all things that God leads us to do, He makes a way!  I stumbled upon the macro button on my camera, took a few close-up pictures of some of the children’s toys, and I was on my way.  I read an article on one site about using natural lighting for food photos (particularly late afternoon sun).  The author said she stages on her porch.  Well, I live in the north and since I began this blog in January any one driving by had the opportunity to see me perched on top of a snow bank with my slippers on, balancing a plate of pancakes in a sliver of sunlight in one hand and the camera in the other.  I just had to laugh at myself.

But there are days we just don’t get sun here, so I had to improvise.  We have a “happy light” we normally keep by the computer, but it struck me that if that light is designed to have the effect of sunlight on humans, it might give the same effect with taking indoor food photos.  And, praise God, it worked!

My photos are pretty plain and basic, but I’m content with the result.  I know it’s important to provide an idea of what a finished product will look like, but even more important to give inspiration to others to get off the computer and into the kitchen to try a new recipe.  I hope some of my photos achieve that for you!

So, if you’re looking for gorgeous, artistic food photos, you’ll probably have to keep looking.  But if you’ve come for simple, tasty, incredibly-nutritious recipes, you’ve come to the right place!