What is “WHOLEmade”?

In keeping with Simply Natural Health’s goal to make healthy living simple and practical, all of my recipes are uniquely WHOLEmade.

My EVERYDAY WHOLESOME EATING and GOOD AND EASY series of cookbooks and health guides are based on the premise that it is always to our best advantage to eat foods in their whole form.


Whole food                         whole, natural plant-based ingredients
Hearty and healthy         family-pleasing and exceptionally good for you
Only the good stuff         focused on nutritionally-dense foods; avoiding common allergens
Less costly                          simple ingredients that are affordable and obtainable
Easy and enjoyable         simple and tasty recipes!


I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to work with the whole, natural foods that were created for our optimal health to develop simple, tasty, economical recipes to share with individuals and families seeking health through practical diet and lifestyle change!

My recipes are not only free of problematic foods, but since they are made with nothing but whole, plant-based foods- they are rich in the nutrients we need for optimal health. I like thinking they’re doubly-good for you!


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