Gluten-free Bread Recipes – EASY!

Bread is an American staple, yet those on a gluten-free diet can easily become very discouraged searching for good gluten-free bread recipes.

Gluten, by nature, is the substance that holds bread together, allows yeast to create the rise (and holes) and gives bread its chewy texture. Without this medium, bread falls flat.

gluten free bread recipes easy

Many gluten-free bread manufacturers and recipe developers turn to various less-than-natural substances to reproduce the effect of gluten in gluten-free breads. The results, almost always, prove to be less than satisfactory.

And, in most cases, you have to sacrifice on fiber and nutrition with these breads as well. They are so highly dependent upon gums, starches, refined flours and partialized ingredients that they are anything but natural. We should have to put up with secondary health problems (like constipation) just because we need to avoid gluten.

I’m completely committed to making all my recipes exclusively from whole foods. This means even my baked goods are prepared with only whole grains and other completely natural substances (no xantham gum, guar gum, tapioca starch, potato starch, coconut flour, etc.).

I also avoid yeast as an ingredient because it is a problem for many people. This means most of my breads are “quick breads”, meaning they get their leavening from baking powder/soda. I look to whole ground flax seed and ground chia seed for binding and encouraging nice moisture content (dry, crumbly baked goods are too often the result of working with gluten free flours).

But you’ll also find I have many bread/flatbread recipes that are based on whole soaked grains as well. This is not only more healthful and economical option, but the results are much more like baked goods made with white flour. Check out my Blender Recipes– or read more about baking with soaked whole grains And, if you’re ready to jump in with both feet, you can sign up for my WHOLEmade newsletter and get a great soaked whole grain bread recipe as a bonus!

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Check out some of my easy gluten-free bread recipes.

Also consider how pancakes, flatbreads and crackers make great gluten-free bread substitutes!


And check out this book with a really nice selection of gluten-free bread recipes – easy and good for you!

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