Soaking Grains for Superior Gluten-free Baking

Explore how using soaked whole grains produces superior gluten-free baking results!

We basically have two options when working with gluten-free ingredients.  We can either begin with flour (either purchased already ground or freshly ground at home- I use a Vitamix with the dry/grains container for this purpose, though there are a lot of great grain mills available also) or we can presoak the grains (and/or nuts, seeds or legumes) and then blend them together for a recipe. I refer to these recipes as blender (soaked whole grain) recipes”.

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Soaking ingredients prior to use neutralizes the natural enzyme inhibitors present in seeds/grains, improving our digestion and absorption of the nutrients. It also begins the germination process, which changes the fats, carbohydrates and sugars in such a way that they are even more nutritious and beneficial to our bodies.

Presoaking doesn’t take a whole lot of extra time- just some forethought. It actually reduces the amount of work you need to do just prior to cooking.  PLUS the flavor and texture of baked goods prepared in this way is superior to those made with gluten-free flours and is more similar to that of the white flour products to which we’re accustomed. It is also less costly than using store-bought gluten-free flours.

The advantage of presoaking is great as we both increase the nutritional value and digestibility of the food. This is the ideal way to use whole ingredients as it is more natural and compatible (beneficial!) to the human body.  It isn’t always the easiest, however, since it requires some planning ahead, so I offer recipes on this site and in my books that utilize both methods.

Another benefit of “blender” recipes is that they freeze well due to the improved texture from the soaking process.


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