Easy Vegan Gluten-free Recipes

If you consider that the four-food group chart that we all grew up with (meat group, dairy group, grain group, fruit and veggie group) has influenced how we understand what a balanced diet is, then an attempt to eat a gluten-free vegan diet can seem pretty crazy! You’ve essentially eliminated 3 of the 4 food groups!


Many endeavor to eat a vegetarian/vegan diet to improve their health. Many also choose to eliminate gluten to optimize their health. Some find they have no choice but have to avoid gluten for health reasons. In any case, if you find yourself eliminating meat, dairy and gluten (encompassing many of the grains we’re most familiar with) you might feel like you’re left with a very limited diet.


Our family eats a far more diverse diet than we did while eating the Standard American Diet of meat, dairy, wheat and refined sugars and fats. We truly enjoy the vegan gluten-free diet we consume now more than anything we left behind!


The truth is that most of the nutritional value of the food groups is concentrated in the fruit and veggie group, and most of the non-gluten-containing grains are nutritionally superior to the wheat we previously consumed. Beans/legumes, nuts and seeds also provide a plethora of good oils, fiber and protein. A whole food vegan gluten-free diet can be incredibly rich nutritionally.

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