Simplifying Gluten-free

What are your options for gluten-free eating?

Prepared gluten-free foods – These tend to be expensive and usually require the purchase of gluten-free foods exclusively for the individual who really needs them.  They also tend to be low in nutrients, fiber and flavor.

Gluten-free mixes – These also tend to be expensive and nutritionally inferior.

Gluten-free foods made from scratch with refined ingredients – These recipes tend to be highly dependent upon refined flours plus gums and starches.  Not the most nutritious nor fiber-rich!

Gluten-free foods made from scratch with whole ingredients – As you’ll find with my easy gluten free recipes, these can be simple, affordable and tasty.  Most importantly the whole family can share the same foods again!  Everyone benefits from these gluten-free, allergen-sensitive, whole-food alternatives.

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Simplifying Gluten-free Cooking

Part of the trick of simplifying gluten-free cooking is to focus on only a few exceptional ingredients. I’ve done the work for you and have figured out the most nutritionally-dense whole food ingredients that yield the best results with gluten free cooking.

The following are the Six Basic Grains and Flours I focus on using in my whole foods gluten-free recipes – in my cookbooks and in the gluten-free recipes on this site –

  • Brown rice and brown rice flour
  • Whole sorghum and sorghum flour
  • Whole teff and teff flour
  • Hulled buckwheat groats and light buckwheat flour (ground from groats)
  • Certified gluten-free oats and oat flour (ground from oats)*
  • Cornmeal/corn flour

I use whole grains (not flours) for preparing a lot of meals and baked goods. If you’d like to explore more about what I consider ADVANCED gluten-free baking with whole grains– check out my information on gluten-free Blender Recipes (made from soaked whole grains). Check out a selection of my Blender (soaked whole grain) Recipes available here at this site.

For more gluten-free recipes – baking


* What about oats- are they gluten-free or not?

There is great controversy about whether or not oats are gluten free.  The abbreviated answer is “yes” and “no”.  It seems oats are naturally gluten-free, but have often become contaminated, during growing and/or processing, by contact with other grains.  Some people who are gluten-intolerant find they don’t have any problem with oats, while others find they have a reaction to them.  It used to be that a person had to test them for themselves, but certified gluten-free oats are becoming more commonly available.  The only drawback is that they are rather costly.

Oats also have a natural component that some people with gluten-issues also have a reaction to, so it may not be a beneficial food for them.  It’s best to test for yourself to be sure.



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