SUMMER SPECIAL on Kim’s Raw Book

Beat the heat and don’t cook! Prepare and serve raw foods instead. Your body and taste buds will thank you!

Raw food recipes- Everyday Wholesome Eating in the Raw

Get 200 cost-effective and time-efficient recipes for just $12.00! (25% off the regular price)

Unlike many raw food cookbooks that focus on exotic ingredients and gourmet presentations, these are tried-and-true family-pleasing recipes for everyday people.

And the recipes range from fruit smoothies to salads to entrees (like vegetable lasagna!) and desserts (including cheesecake that no one will know is made from raw ingredients!).

Check out more about this collection of wholesome raw food recipes.

Here’s what people from all over the world are saying about Kim’s Everyday Wholesome Eating in the Raw:


I just wanted to write you a note about your beautiful recipe books.  I have a health business here in Australia and have found your Everyday Wholesome Eating in the Raw is my #1 Best Seller.  It is just so well written, put together and easy to use. My clients just love it.  I appreciate how you continue to learn and share our knowledge as well.  Your new book Everyday Gluten-Free is fantastic as it is becoming necessary to many people to stay away from gluten.  These books have helped so many of my clients (as well as myself) in working toward a lifestyle that is full of health and wellness.  They are easy to use and so many find the recipes great for family. Also, many of my clients say they are great to use for their children as they learn to cook!!!

Thanks again for your beautiful work, wisdom and contribution to the world of health and wellness.


M. Smith

Melbourne, Australia


I host a Raw Food (Vegan) Support Group in the Fairbanks, Alaska area – for people who are all raw, high raw, interested in raw, and/or have no idea what raw is!

Often people will ask me, What is a good beginning raw food recipe book?  Without hesitation I tell them “Kim Wilson’s Everyday Wholesome Eating…In the Raw!

Here is why I prefer this book –

  • It is PACKED full of recipes (Not just 1 per page)
  • The recipes are fast & easy to make (or I wouldn’t make them!)
  • The recipes all taste great! Yes – every single one!
  • The price is soooo affordable!!

Secondary reasons I prefer this book –

  • The ingredients are easy to find
  • The ingredients are listed in the order needed (I don’t know about you, but this is important to me!!!)

Everyone in our group that has this book loves it.  I know two people who loaned their book out… and now need to replace it, as they miss it so much.  I do not loan mine out (anymore), as I cannot live without it.  THIS BOOK IS THAT GOOD!

For people who want an all vegan recipe book with some raw and some cooked, I recommend the Everyday Wholesome Eating for the same reasons.


Trifany G.

North Pole, Alaska


For the last 7 years I have been making recipes from 4 books that have changed our lives . What an amazing blessing to find Kim Wilson and Simply Natural Health. I have been a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister and have had a teaching ministry since 1999 so we have alot of Vegan Recipe books and until 2004 when Kims first books came out we were always searching for those “perfect recipes” that would

1. be amazingly delicious

2. easy to prepare

3. affordable ingredients and of course be

4. vegan and gluten free

                Kim has done all these things and more.

I have sold more of her books and highly recommend them all to anyone I meet that is looking for” Great Wholesome Eating “. I am especially excited about her newest book “Everyday Gluten Free” Finally we have recipes for everyone at any level of interest…Everyone should be eating this way whether they believe they are gluten for not. The chocolate chip cookies are our favorite!!

Our grown children make the recipes all the time and the grandchildren too-everyone just loves them and always want to try out new ones!! Thanks Kim for all your hard work!


Lori J.
Assistant Mgr. Health Food Store


Everyday Wholesome Eating in the Raw now for just $12.00!

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