Gluten-free Recipes For Lunch – EASY!

Lunch is generally a meal that we don’t take too much time to prepare. It falls in the middle of the day, when things are usually quite busy. In many homes lunch has to be packed before setting out for the day or quickly prepared on the fly.

The American standard of a sandwich is less of an option on a gluten-free diet. So what are some good gluten-free meal ideas for quick and easy gluten-free lunches?


gluten free recipes for lunch


Some Easy Gluten-free Lunch Options

  • Make a large batch of fruit smoothie and freeze into single portions. Remove from freezer and put in the refrigerator the evening before or simply remove from the freezer and allow to sit at room temperature until lunch time
  • Pack a pre-made salad, with dressing in a separate container.
  • Pack a single serving of hummus or another great veggie dip with a variety of cut veggies and some gluten free chips or crackers.
  • Make a large batch of soup and portion it out for the week, or take advantage of any leftovers you may have on hand. Take it to work the old-fashioned way (to avoid the microwave)- preheat at home and store in a thermos until ready to eat. Consider packing some gluten-free crackers, chips or baked good to go along with the soup.
  • Spread a gluten-free wrap with mashed beans, hummus or an almond-based mayonnaise and roll with lettuce and veggies (add dressing just before eating, to prevent it from getting soggy)


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