Quick and Easy Gluten-free Desserts

Some people might get the idea that gluten-free eating is all about suffering and deprivation. Well, a sampling of any of my quick and easy gluten-free desserts will quickly prove them wrong. Most people that have tried my quick gluten-free desserts don’t even know they are missing wheat or any other SAD*, problematic ingredients.  *SAD- Standard American diet- based on animal products, processed foods, sugar, refined fats, etc.

Not only are my desserts free of gluten but they’re free of other common allergens (all are gluten-free egg-free dairy-free recipes), they’re made from exclusively whole plant-based ingredients (nothing but healthy vegetarian gluten-free recipes) and the amount of oils and sweeteners (only natural and unrefined, of course) are in smaller proportions than found in common dessert recipes.

quick and easy gluten free desserts

My easy gluten-free recipes – desserts included – are always a win-win solution.

Easy, good and incredibly good for you!

Eat and enjoy with complete peace of mind.


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