Only the Good Stuff!

Endeavoring into a gluten-free world can feel pretty intimidating.  If you’ve grown up in America consuming a diet based on meat, wheat and dairy, the idea of eliminating one of these “food groups” can seem impossible.   As a family, we avoid all three.  You’d almost think we’d have to move, right?

easy vegetarian gluten free recipes

I originally entitled this blog “Only the Good Stuff” because my recipes focus on whole, natural foods.  I debated about a subtitle: “None Of the Bad (or “Sad“)” because of the meaning of the acronyms SAD and BAD.  SAD commonly stands for Standard American Diet and I figured BAD could stand for Basic American Diet- since so much of our diet revolves around animal-based products, refined grains, sugar and harmful fats.

As I’ve taught diet and health classes I’ve used the acronym GOOD in high contrast to SAD.  I describe GOOD as God’s Original Optimal Design.  God made an incredible variety of plant-based foods (fruits, vegetable, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes) for our best health.  It shouldn’t be surprising that we can enjoy an incredibly diversified diet based on these healthful, beneficial foods.  And if we do, we’ll find our health improves.  Even the mainstream recognizes that fruits and veggies are the most beneficial things we can consume.

I think it’s when we get fixated on “what we can’t have” instead of “what we can” that we get dissatisfied and discontent.  I hope as you try a number of the recipes posted on this blog that you are encouraged that good food is not only good for you, but it tastes great too!



fruits               vegetables            grains              beans/legumes             nuts/seeds

but in such an incredible variety with limitless preparation potential!

There’s a lot of GOOD stuff left even when we take away the SAD staples

of meat, dairy, sugar, wheat and other man-altered foods.

G O O D =  foods that fit God’s Original Optimal Design

S A D =  foods that comprise the Standard American Diet


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healthy vegetarian gluten free recipes - everyday wholesome eating


If you’re already committed to healthy eating, but want to kick the nutrition in your diet up a notch or two, try these easy vegetarian gluten-free recipes – all prepared with raw foods!

easy vegetarian gluten free recipes - everyday wholesome eating in the raw