Whole Foods Gluten-free

gluten free recipes baking - zucchini bread

Sadly, gluten-free recipes made from whole foods are the exception, not the norm. Most gluten-free recipes and products are highly dependent upon refined flours, gums and starches to reproduce the white flour (wheat flour) affect we’re all familiar with. This is at a great loss to the consumer.

Not only are these refined foods lacking in fiber (leading to new gastrointestinal problems) but much of the nutritional benefit has been removed as well. So in the process of dealing with a food sensitivity we end up suffering physically and nutritionally.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Wonderful, tasty dishes can be made from whole foods – gluten-free and appealing to wheat-accustomed palettes.

At this site you’ll find a plethora of whole foods gluten-free recipes. In fact- they are all are!  Truth be told- I began as a whole foods cook before I endeavored to develop gluten-free recipes. But I stayed committed to whole foods as I began to experiment with gluten-free ingredients and found the results just as appetizing if not more so.